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Attorney Profile for Scott Orenstein

SCOTT S. ORENSTEINOrenstein-Scott_web

Scott began his professional career in 1991 as a civil engineer and became a licensed Professional Engineer in 1994. Scott’s engineering career involved working briefly for the State of Connecticut Department of Transportation as a construction inspector, followed by over 10 years as a project manager and estimator for a general contractor, handling the preparation of bids and the negotiation of change orders, claims and contract disputes.

Since obtaining a law degree in 2001, Scott practiced almost exclusively in the area of construction law until becoming a registered Patent Attorney. His construction industry experience is a tremendous asset that he relies upon when negotiating or litigating construction contract disputes.

Some of Scott’s previous legal career accomplishments are:

  • Obtained a $300,000 arbitration award in favor of a general contractor that had its million dollar contract for a commercial building project wrongfully terminated while simultaneously defeating the owner’s $750,000 counterclaim for defective workmanship and the failure to pay subcontractors.
  • Successfully negotiated a $1.2 million settlement of contractor’s claim for delay damages and lost productivity on a public works construction project for the State of Connecticut.
  • Obtained a trial court judgment in favor of a subcontractor that was not paid for its work after the general contractor claimed that the subcontractor’s work was defective. After a 10 day trial, the trial court awarded the subcontractor its contract balance, attorneys’ fees and costs and found in the subcontractor’s favor on the general contractor’s $1 million counterclaim for defective work.
  • Successfully negotiated a $500,000 settlement of subcontractor’s payment bond claim. The amount of the settlement was 100% of the client’s original claim amount.
  • Successfully negotiated a $225,000 settlement of contractor’s claim for delay damages and lost productivity on a public works construction project.
  • Obtained a $60,000 trial court judgment for a general contractor that renovated a private school in a situation where the parties’ written agreement stated that the cost of the work shall not exceed $30,000 and the general contractor had been paid $30,000. This judgment was an impressive victory because, prior to being retained to represent this contractor, its mechanic’s lien was discharged after the court found that there was not probable cause to sustain the lien.

Scott obtained his J.D. from Quinnipiac University School of Law, cum laude, in 2001 and his B.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.